Monthly SEO Packages

Monthly SEO Packages are the best way to keep your website on the top of search results for a long time.

Advantages of monthly SEO packages:

Packaged SEO services cover most of the major aspects of SEO such as keyword research, Content, social media, social bookmarking, blog posts and Link building.  Today, there are several online platforms where you can promote your website. SEO is a more diverse activity than before.  Most of the SEO activities are the same for  every website. But for each website, we evaluate some some unique strategies and opportunities. These unique strategies are based on the needs of individual business requirements. To implement such strategies, we search for linking and ranking opportunities all the time. We at SEOBlitz, analyze each website carefully before arriving at a custom SEO strategy.

Adapting to search engine algorithms:

Another advantage of monthly SEO package is that we can make changes to our strategies to comply with ever changing search engine algorithms. We can avoid search engine penalties and see if our rankings are improving or not. We monitor your keyword rankings constantly till we achieve desired results. Usually, it takes anywhere between 6-12 months to achieve desired results.

Monitor Keyword Rankings:

SEO is a continuous process and rankings change too often due to various factors affecting SERPs. Keeping track of rankings and links is a big task for any business. We do it for you. We constantly monitor your rankings and top links for changes and take immediate steps in case of any negative development.

SEO for your new pages:

If you have a dynamic site or a site that is frequently updated, opting for monthly packages is the best option for you as all your new pages are covered in the package. We take care of all the SEO for your new pages and content.

In addition to the above, monthly SEO packages are affordable and an efficient way of spending your online marketing budget.

We have three monthly SEO packages available as below




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